Wietske has had enough of being in foal. She heard about the 40% humidity coming this weekend and is not very happy about it.

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Mette and Honor

Mette has honored us with a little Hessel colt. He is a very spunky young man running circles around all the mares, and being met by ears flat and a sideways glance.

I think he is simply preparing the other mares for things to come.

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Job posting

Friesians of Camelot,

We are looking for a qualified and competent horse person.

A full-time horse trainer who has previous experience with barn work and management, general care of horses

(Mainly Friesians), and can offer the following skills and abilities:

Driving, Riding, saddle breaking,

Inspection preparations, Grooming,

Assisting with foaling, breeding, raising young foals,

Property maintenance, managing feed schedules,

Experience in horse sales,

Must have knowledge and experience in healthcare.

We are looking for someone who is able to work alone or in a team, who is reliable, flexible, responsible, and hard working.

Candidates must have a full G drivers license and be willing to drive a truck and trailer.

Carriage driving, breeding, and foaling, and the annual inspection are very important to us.

Please contact us if you are qualified and interested in this position.

Our contact information is,


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2017 Keuring

Another inspection has come and gone. It took months of preparation. We had great help in the barn this year that to bring it all together.

The horse showed so well.

The boys both made Star. Having two 3 year old stallions in the barn is always a challenge. Every time a lady passes by they make sure she knows they are around with a whinny or a head toss of that beautiful Friesian fore top.

Here is a few pictures of the boys in their finest! And little girl Rein showing off.

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Ever once in a while a horse comes along that wraps its self with in your heart. Rein is one of those horses. She will never tower over all the other horses, or become the Alfa of the herd. Rein had a slow start in life a first foal for Durkheim, coming 2 & 1/2 weeks early. Her mom only produced half the milk she required to start her young life. She quickly got use to milk replacer as a supplement, organic probiotic yogurt, (my horses will get what ever they need to help them survive), along with supplements recommended by the fenway foundation. At 4 years old she is a beauty. Like I said she will never be a 17 hand horse, but she surpassed 17 hands in my heart along time ago. There is truth in the old saying, Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Reign on Miss Rein!

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A newly approved stallion.

I am just soooooo excited to tell you, there is an amazing young stallion that has been approved by the KFPS.

Jacob KCF will now be known as Julius 486. Jacob was sent to California to be, taught, examined, and tested. He passed with flying colors with a unbelievable score. His over all score was 93. 

Jacob arrived in California and was presented to the Judges on Dec. 19. They loved him! Jacob then went into training under saddle and driving. During his 70 day testing he was examined 3 times by the judges that are flown in from the Netherlands. 

For me this news was extremely exciting. You see we own his mother. We purchased Jacobs mom Wietske van de Anne Hoeve 3 years ago when Jacob was just a yearling. Even as a yearling Jacob showed himself as if he was something special. 

Since owning Wietske we have had 2 Tojnes foals and las year we we lucky to have a full sister to Jacob (Julius 486). The horse business doesn’t get much better than that. We are very proud to be able to own such a great mare, and also excited to see Jacob go on to become an approved stallion. It will be so exciting to see the 2016 crop of foals out of Julius 486. 

Wietske van de Anne Hoeve with her 2012 foal Molly

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