Ever once in a while a horse comes along that wraps its self with in your heart. Rein is one of those horses. She will never tower over all the other horses, or become the Alfa of the herd. Rein had a slow start in life a first foal for Durkheim, coming 2 & 1/2 weeks early. Her mom only produced half the milk she required to start her young life. She quickly got use to milk replacer as a supplement, organic probiotic yogurt, (my horses will get what ever they need to help them survive), along with supplements recommended by the fenway foundation. At 4 years old she is a beauty. Like I said she will never be a 17 hand horse, but she surpassed 17 hands in my heart along time ago. There is truth in the old saying, Good Things Come In Small Packages!

Reign on Miss Rein!

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